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3 Top FREE Ways To Advertise Your Affiliate Marketing Website
One of the most important components, if not the most important component, of any affiliate marketing campaign is generating traffic. There are both paid and free ways to generate traffic (visitors) to your website.
While paid advertising is much more immediate, the obvious downside is that once you stop paying, your traffic disappears immediately, minus any re-visitors obviously.
Furthermore, not everyone has the money to pay for paid advertising.
This all said, let us get right into the 3 top free ways to advertise your affiliate marketing website. I want you to know that just because you are not paying for traffic does not mean you are missing out.
A good campaign should really have both paid and free traffic (don`t put all your eggs in one basket) but there are numerous examples of successful and extremely profitable campaigns based solely on free traffic generation. So without further ado our list of three.
1. Article Marketing- Article marketing is definitely the \"king\" of free traffic generation. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it is time-consuming but the benefits are well worth the effort and if you have no money for paid advertising and you want to earn money then suck it up.
In fact, there are many marketers who make thousands of dollars with article marketing alone. Furthermore, article marketing necessitates zero startup costs. Zero startup costs + Thousands of Dollars In Potential Earnings = No Brainer.
To start off with article marketing you will want to research your future audience. This means taking a look at the product your promoting, figuring out what market it is in (who needs such a product), and then researching the market (find out what your market wants to know.)
After you understand your market you will want to come up with a list of 5-10 questions or article ideas that are relevant to your audience. Do not forget that. Then sit down and write out a schedule for yourself as to when you are going to write each article and commit to that schedule. Ex. Write 2 articles a day 5 days a week.
At the bottom of your articles you will want to include a link to the product you are promoting.
Once you are done you will want to sign up, if you have not already, with the major article directories like this one (Ezine Articles),, and
Finally, submit your articles and wait for the traffic.
Rinse and Repeat.
2. Forum Marketing- Another great free way to generate traffic. What you want to do is search for forums relevant to your market (the market of the product you are promoting).
Once you have found a list of them, sign up and fill out your profile. Remember to keep all your username and passwords organized otherwise you will go crazy later.
Next insert your affiliate link into your signature box. You will want to write a brief call to action like \"Want Clear Skin? Then Check Out XXX Product!\"
Finally go and be apart of the community. Write out a schedule to commit 10-15 minutes per day to go and be a part of the community. Nobody likes spammers. Contribute to the community and watch your best free porn sites traffic roll in.
3. YouTube Videos- Go create a product review and upload the video to YouTube. In your info box include your affiliate link to your product, once again with a call to action (see above).
Consider creating a YouTube channel in which you frequently upload videos relevant to your market. If you loved this article and also you would like to obtain more info regarding xxx free videos nicely visit our webpage. Some video ideas include product reviews, tips, etc. You may very well get viewers just by uploading a video but once you get subscribers you will have a continuous stream of traffic for every video you release. Just make sure they are high quality and not just nonsense and blatant promotions.
If you can generate the discipline to set yourself a schedule for applying the three methods above AND commit yourself to it you will see traffic. No doubt about it. As we established before, traffic is one of the most important components of any campaign.
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